Our shopping
funds tyranny,
terrorism and war.


We fill up our car at the station...

Where does our money go?

ISIS. Al Qaeda. Assad. Gaddafi. Saddam. Darfur. The Saudis’ spread of an extreme version of Islam worldwide. Iran’s incessant support for terrorism. 

We’ve sent trillions to authoritarians and armed groups for oil. They’ve spent our money on weapons, repression and terrorist financing. We’ve been buying blood oil.

We buy a new phone or laptop...

Where does our money go?

Some might go to the Congo, where vicious militants plunder the metals that go into our tech. 

Millions have died from war in the Congo—the deadliest ongoing conflict since World War II.

Our money may be going to buy those militants more bullets and bayonettes. 


...we pay the most dangerous men in the world.


Oil, metals and gems
fund the
world's worst crises and threats.


Our laws say...

It's legal to buy the natural resources of other countries from whoever can control them by force.

That law is left over from the days of the slave trade. It sends our money to brutal dictators, militants, and extremists.    


...might there makes right here.


Clean Trade says...

Abolishing our law of might makes right will move the world closer to freedom, justice, and peace.

Abolishing that law is within our reach right now.


... get us out of business with the men of blood.


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