• New Clean Trade website coming November 2015.

    This is the 2011 prototype.

  • New Clean Trade website coming November 2015.

    Right now, ruthless dictators and brutal warlords and are stopping at nothing to steal the natural resources used to make the products that you buy every day.

    Some of the money you've spent at the mall or at the pump is likely already in the hands of these dictators and warlords. Today your money is funding oppression, armed conflict, and more violence against ordinary people.

  • New Clean Trade website coming November 2015.

    Our own governments are putting us into business with the world's worst authoritarians and militias.

    In return we got dubious allies, powerful enemies, terrorism and global instability.

    Our governments can change our laws so that our shopping supports the people of the countries we buy from, instead of supporting their oppressors.

New Clean Trade website coming soon

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About Us
Clean Trade is a non-partisan effort to change the trade rules that force shoppers to finance repression, violent conflict,
even genocide abroad. We are asking our own governments to stop putting us into business with authoritarians and warlords... by changing our own laws, now.